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  • Market Minutes for the week of October 17th 10/21/16
    Market Minutes for the week of October 17th: “Who is wise? One who learns from every man… Who is strong? One who overpowers his inclinations… Who is rich? One who is satisfied with his lot… Who is honorable? One who honors his fellows.”  — Benjamin Zoma, from Ethics of the Fathers I don’t think that there is an American out there today that is not fed up with the presidential candidates and the ridiculousness of this presidential election. Dismay that these candidates are the best our country has to offer, is weighing heavily on the collective American psyche and probably impacting consumer behavior and confidence. From Jim Cramer’s Politics Weigh on Everything: “Every day we try to figure out what the heck is ailing this market. I went so far this weekend as to look up the fabled July 15, 1979, “crisis of confidence” speech… to see what Jimmy Carter Read more...
  • Market Minutes for the week of October 10th 10/14/16
    Market Minutes for the week of October 10th: “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” – George Bernard Shaw Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer said recently that he was “concerned that the changes in the world savings and investment patterns that may have driven down the natural [interest] rate, could ‘prove to be quite persistent … [and the world economy] could be stuck in a new longer-run equilibrium characterized by sluggish growth’ … Central bankers may face a future where the short-term interest rates set by policymakers never get far above zero, and the unconventional tools used during the financial crisis become a ‘recurrent’ fact of life”. Fischer concluded by saying: “Ultralow interest rates may reflect more than just cyclical forces” … and, “yet another indication that the economy’s growth potential may have diminished considerably”. What would Read more...
  • Market Minutes for the week of October 3rd 10/07/16
    Market Minutes for the week of October 3rd: “Let me tell you, doing nothing is not as easy as it looks. You have to be careful. The idea of doing anything – which could easily lead to doing something – would cut into your nothing. And that would force me to have to drop everything.” – Jerry Seinfeld Why are we seeing increased volatility in the markets all of a sudden? I think there are a couple of things in play at the moment. First is the uncertainty over the upcoming election and some angst over a possible Trump victory. This silly season of politics just seems to get weirder and weirder. Secondly and more importantly, the banks both at home and in Europe, are causing trouble. Wells Fargo’s greedy actions have renewed calls to break up the big banks and will no doubt bring further regulations to an industry Read more...
  • Women and Investing: The Gender Investment Gap 09/29/16
    I have noticed over the past 20 years since I made the transition from banking to money management, that women are different than men when addressing financial issues, and investments in particular.  At first I thought it was just my observation, but then I started noticing articles on the subject referencing research results indicating some very interesting conclusions supporting my original thoughts.  Not surprisingly, this research showed women and men have differing attitudes regarding money and investing.  Men usually measure investment results quantitatively, while women usually measure them qualitatively.  A man might have a total return portfolio goal of 8% (currently unrealistic) over an intermediate period of time, while a woman wants to be certain she has sufficient money in order to live comfortably in retirement and provide for her adult children, if they need financial assistance from time to time. Men tend to make investment decisions quickly and without Read more...

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It is Our Mission to protect and enhance our client's financial well-being. It is Our Tradition to build a bright, highly professional team that is dedicated to sound financial judgment, strong family values and the ability to daily care for our clients, our staff, our families, and our community.

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INDEPENDENT Cascade Investment Group is 100% owned by the partners, individuals who are active daily in the management of client assets. Our firm formed in 1993 with the spirit of client-focused investment advice free from conflicts of interest caused by large corporate ownership.
INDIVIDUALIZED Cascade Investment Group offers clients personal, custom investment advice and solutions. We do not have required model portfolios or investment platforms. Our duty is to serve each client according to their needs. Decisions for you are not made by managers you have not met and may not be in your best interests.
INVESTMENT ADVICE Investing involves a balance between rewards from gains and risk of loss. Our experienced, knowledgeable team has navigated the storms and opportunities with investors through different markets cycle.
FIDUCIARY Cascade Investment Group acts in a fiduciary capacity for clients we serve in our advisory capacity. Fiduciary advisors must make recommendation in the best interests of clients and client interests come before the firm’s. We seek to disclose all conflicts of interest.