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  • Market Minutes for the week of July 18th 07/22/16
    Market Minutes for the week of July 18th: “My wife made me join a bridge club. I jump off next Tuesday.” – Rodney Dangerfield Investors Intelligence’s latest weekly survey for financial-adviser sentiment found that the percentage bulls rose to 54.4% from 52.5% last week and represents the highest level since April 2015. When sentiment reaches 55%, Investors Intelligence considers it to be at the “danger level.” Those expecting a correction fell to 22.3%, the lowest level since June 2014. Peter Boockvar says the bottom line is that “We now have a buffet of extreme bullish sentiment,” as the CNNMoney Greed vs Fear Index is now at 91 (on a scale of 1 to 100) and the VIX (S&P Volatility Response Index), has closed at a 2-year low. Rallies like this one can continue on well into overbought territory but the margin for tolerance of bad news gets smaller and smaller. Read more...
  • Market Minutes for the week of July 11th 07/15/16
    Market Minutes for the week of July 11th: “You may be drawing a circle for the thousandth time, but maybe it’s a slightly better circle.” – Lou Reed Three weeks ago the markets were down 5% in 2 days as Brexit had people calling for very bad things as a result. Today we have the S&P 500 making new all-time highs seemingly every day, so what really is going on? Jim Cramer (who is one of the smartest figures on Wall Street when it comes to knowing what is behind market moves) has recently given us a number of good reasons for why stocks have rallied off the Brexit shock. 1.) Brexit was, for the most part, a uniquely European event. The one consequence for the U.S. was it drove interest rates down even further which is a good thing for businesses and consumers. 2.) The Fed went “on ice” Read more...
  • Market Minutes for the week of July 5th 07/08/16
    Market Minutes for the week of July 5th: “There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.” Tom Krause By early last week on June 27th, the U.S. stock market had lost 950 Dow points on the news of the Brexit. By late in the same week on July 1st, the market had recovered all but 100 of those points on the news of the Brexit. Jim Cramer: “We got a real lesson in why panic is not a strategy [last] week, and I hope you will take it to heart. But I don’t know if you did, especially given that Monday, the second big down day after Brexit, was the seventh-biggest day of redemptions in the past 10 years, which, of course, includes those ugly Great Recession days, with $9.5 billion pulled out of global equity funds. I find the statistic infuriating because no matter how Read more...
  • Market Minutes for the week of June 27th 07/01/16
    Market Minutes for the week of June 27th: Special Edition “I don’t know. Do you?” – Peter Boockvar Britain’s first “Brexit” was in 286 A.D. Brittannia, a province of the Roman Empire, fled Roman control and established a decade long independent empire. Most of Europe was already united by this time and valued the perks of a single currency and free trade as well as security, roads, sanitation and justice afforded by the Romans.  But the Britons were less than thrilled with the high taxes, heavy labor demands and oppressive conditions of a protofeudal society, especially among those of limited means. Similar to the current “Brexit” maybe? There were 16,141,242 votes to remain in the EU, most of which came from London, Scotland and Northern Ireland. From the outlying regions…17,410,742 votes came in favoring the Brexit. The economy of the U.K. accounts for 4% of global GDP. It was never Read more...

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    Get the information you need to begin your planning. Scott Rethi, Cascade Investment Group strategist, will discuss the “when”, “how” and “why” particular benefits should or shouldn’t be elected. The seminar is free but registration is required.

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