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  • Market Minutes for the week of August 24th 08/28/15
    Market Minutes for the week of August 24th: “You become what you think about” —– Napoleon Hill. There will be lots of history made before this “imported” correction has run its course. Already the swiftness of this decline rivals only October 1987 for its speed of descent. From Jeff Saut, Raymond James, “This downside skein has driven the SPX (S&P 500) to 5 standard deviations below its 50 day moving average, a level of oversoldness not seen since the bottom of the October 19th, 1987 crash – which was the crash for my generation. Of the 96 industries that make up the S&P 500, only two, home builders and utilities, are not down more than 10%.”  Wow, just wow! Only on Wall Street do stocks take stairs up and the elevator down! “Welcome to the Machine” from Pink Floyd’s 1975 release “Wish You Were Here”.  Rational human beings are not Read more...
  • Market Minutes Special Edition for the week of August 24th 08/24/15
    Market Minutes for the week of August 24th: Special Edition I have been in this business for 34 years now. I have lived through the 1987 crash, the 1989 mini-crash, the 1997 Asian contagion crash, the 1998 Russian default crash, the Nasdaq 2000 crash, the 9/11 crash, the Great Crash of 2008-2009, the debt ceiling/default crash of 2011 and now the Chinese crash of 2015. Am I scared, no I am not.  Am I worried, no I am not. Am I nervous, sure I am, I always am.  This crash is not systemic, because it does not impact our financial system. There is no credit crisis here. There are no bank failures. There will be oil and gas failures and they will impact Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Louisiana. This crash is an “imported” crash. It came from China and it was triggered by the surprise devaluation of their currency, Read more...
  • Market Minutes for the week of August 17th 08/21/15
    Market Minutes for the Week of August 17th: We are now in the midst of a market correction that once again doesn’t add up. Unless there is a recession lurking around the corner, this sell-off lacks common sense when based on the economic fundamentals. Unfortunately, this is how markets behave over the short run when panic sets in. Sit tight because we have been here before and remember that corporate profits are strong, the FED is still easy (as is Europe and Japan) and US banks are as strong as they have ever been. As long as the 3 legs of this 3 legged stool (which supports stock prices over the long-term) remains intact, I see this as nothing more than a needed and long overdue correction that is providing opportunity. ________________________________________________________________________ NAHI homebuilder confidence index stays positive at a level of 61. New York FED Manufacturing Index turns very Read more...
  • Market Minutes for the week of August 10th 08/14/15
    Market Minutes for the week of August 10th: German industrial production dropped by 1.2% in July. Hmmm. German auto maker BMW is working on an app which will tell the driver how fast to drive so that they can time light signals to always get a green light and avoid stopping. Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway acquires aircraft parts maker, Precision Castparts, for $37.2 billion in cash. Chinese exports fell by 8.4% in July, the lowest level in 4 months. As a result, China in a surprise move, devalues the Yuan by 2% in an attempt to stimulate exports and dampen imports. This is seen by some as a desperate move by the Chinese to revive their economy. This is not pleasant news for the U.S. and Europe. We both have fragile and sub-par economic growth. We need to have growing demand for our exports, not competition from the Chinese. This Read more...

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  • Women and Investing

    When: September 22, 2015 4:00 PM Where: MacKenzie's Chop House

    Join us for an empowering and educational discussion about issues women face in the financial arena. Presented by Jan Weiland, Executive Vice President, Investments of Cascade Investment Group. The event is free, but registration is required.

  • Annual Client Appreciation Event

    When: October 15, 2015 5:00 PM Where: El Paso Club
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